About Lilak

When the Lilak project (پروژه لیلک) started in 2015, there was no spell checker for Persian language. So I decided to create the first spell checker dictionary for Persian language based on the Hunspell Spell checker.

At the beginning I started to prepare a list of Persian verbs with their past and present stems and their inflection forms. Then I started to collect the most commonly used words and phrases in Persian language.

All the words and phrases should be classified into their parts of speech.

The next step was assigning a pronunciation to each world based on the Persian phonemes.

It took almost one year to publish the first version of Lilak. Today Lilak has more than 100 thousand tagged words.

Lilak is part of google chromium project and it is available for use in Mozilla firefox and Libre Office.


This project is mainly developed by:
       Mostafa Sedaghat Joo (mostafa.sedaghat@gmail.com)

Your feedback is appreciated.


This spell checker dictionary is really accurate and comprehensive. It is what people have been waiting for it for years. Thank you very much for your great effort.
— Dr. Hamid Farroukh
I am learning Farsi right now and google translator does not have a audio support and no romanization makes it very hard to learn. Lilak project is the only way where I can find audio support and romanization. I want to say thank you for creating Lilak project. You have no idea how much helpful that site is.
— Abhinav Chauhan from Allahabad india